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Gabriella Eva Nagy's Biography


Gabriella Eva Nagy Gabriella was born and raised in Hungary. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Technology. Gabriella graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she majored in Computer Animation and Multimedia. Reflections of Gabrielle Eva Nagy’s illustrations of nature using bright and vibrant colors in her books. Nagy has published over a dozen children’s stories during the past six years. She published her first work, Lady, Lady, Ladybug in 2014. It features a dream-like journey of a ladybug. Gabriella Eva Nagy has been making a name for herself writing and illustrating children’s books. She always enjoyed finding visually stimulating and educational ways of reaching out to children. Gabriella Eva Nagy uses her talents in reaching out to children and promoting good values. Nagy uses these illustrations of nature to draw interests from young readers. Nagy declares that the inspiration for her stories and illustrations is her childhood mostly spent outdoors.