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Let Us Fly,

"Let us fly, Ladybug!"- is an imaginary voyage of ladybugs through fields of flowers and enchanted rainbows.

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My overall impression of Nagy’s Sweet Dreams, Ladybug! is that it is a well-balanced book for children. I can tell from the illustration that the author is all about big-picture thinking with the way each element is related to each other.

Meanwhile, she also does not take the details for granted and ensures she’s got them right. The same holds true for the story itself. I was with ladybugs as they flew from one action-packed adventure to the next. There is no need for a lot of words as they were carefully chosen and easy to understand even for the youngest of reading audiences. The story and the images when taken together weaves a tapestry of storytelling children will adore from start to finish.

You don’t just give your child anything. You give them the BEST and Sweet Dreams, Ladybug! is one of the best there is.

You will love this book because it is very experiential. The emphasis is on what the children will experience as they read the book. It is not some passive reading that you often find in other children’s books where you read about other characters. Instead, the children themselves will feel like they are the ladybugs that go through this wonderful voyage with their friends.

I was very excited to show this to my son because I too liked it very much. I kept staring at the illustrations like a little kid. I was excited about what I can possibly discover among the butterflies and the birds. I’m thinking if there is a surprise for me somewhere. I got really carried away into a wonderland and I know it’s a short book for an adult like me but for a kid, like my little Carlo, it will be like heaven for him for a long while. We read it together as I put him to sleep and he was all wide-eyed. Since then, we have been exploring this fascinating world together each night. We have come to a point where I would tell him a different story and that is what I like the most about this book.

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Gabriella Eva Nagy was born and raised in Hungary. She’s always enjoyed finding visually stimulating and educational ways of reaching out to children. Gabriella earned a bachelor’s degree in physics and technology and then graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a major in computer animation and multimedia. She uses her talents to reach the world of children and to reflect values that are eternal.